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  • Posted on August 5, 2013 at 12:04

Today I’m borrowing another writing prompt from Today it’s about what advice I would give to someone wanting to come out to their family and friends

What advice would you give to someone pr …

What advice would you give to someone preparing to tell a family member of friend about their lifestyle choices?


What advice would I give?  First, be sure that the family and friends you are coming out to are ready to hear this.  I know that I love my life and how I am living it, but I can not imagine right now coming out to my family.  My dad and my brothers know about my relationship with my Dom because I’ve told them.  They know he is married, and that we all live together.  They are, for the most part, ok with this.  I have NOT told them about the D/s aspect of it, though.  My family is rather closed minded about a lot of things.  My mother, especially.  My mother would have a fit and try to take my children away from me if she knew about my sexuality (I’m bi), and about my real relationship with my Dom.  So, I stay very closeted about it with them.  My friends, however, I have told a few who would understand.

Now, if you still want to tell your loved ones about it, and you’re not sure if they will understand, give them links, like Luna’s site Submissive Guide and Franklin’s site Xeromag for some accurate information. Also, make sure that they understand, because this is something I’ve seen a few times, that you entered into this by CHOICE, you are not being forced. Reassure them that you are NOT being abused.

Then, once you’ve told your loved ones, give them some time.  Some of them will accept it right away, will see that you are happy and content, and they will be happy for you based on this alone.  Some will not understand the lifestyle, but will be supportive and happy for you.  Some will take some time to come around, and some will never accept it.


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