Starting out eCourse from The Submissive Guide

  • Posted on July 29, 2013 at 20:28

Found this great site in looking for advice on a contract for my Dom and I.  The owner has this eCourse for helping newbies (like me!) figure themselves out as subs. So, I’m going to be doing my activities in here for the eCourse.
One of the things I’m supposed to be doing is blogging every day, so this will also be my daily blog for that, as well.

On to the day’s written activity!

What was your understanding of BDSM prior to this eCourse? I knew that it was a lifestyle, and a bit about Dom/mes and subs. I was not completely aware of TPE. I knew some of bondage, had done some very light bondage.
Why do you feel that you are submissive? I have always wanted to let someone else run everything in my life for me. Have always felt more comfortable, to an extent, allowing someone else to run my life.
Would you be better suited, from what you have learned so far, to part-time submission in the bedroom or a full-time submissive role? Something in-between? While I am a very independent person, which is contrary to wanting someone to take over my life for me, I am thinking I’m something in between a full-time sub and a bedroom sub.

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